Boaz Meiri Photography


Boaz Meiri Photography

Architectural and Real-Estate Photographer, Serving whole of San Francisco Peninsula, Bay Area and East Bay

With a professional background as a Mechanical Engineer and several years of experience as a Customer Support Manager, I decided to make a career change in early 2013. Taking my passion for photography to heart, I gave up the opportunity to work at a photography school in Israel, where I collaborated closely with world-renowned professional photographers and focused on refining my skills in products and still-life photography.

In early 2014, upon returning to the San Francisco Bay area, I saw an opportunity during the process of house hunting with my wife. Many of the homes we came across had subpar or entirely absent photographs. Recognizing this gap in the market, I pondered the potential demand for an additional Real Estate photographer.

Over time, I gained knowledge and experience in higher-end architectural photography, interior design photography, and construction photography, expanding my expertise in these specialized areas.

Through my journey from the hi-tech world to the realm of professional photography, I have developed a skill set that enables me to cater to the special needs of clients. I remain committed to providing exceptional service and delivering visually compelling imagery that exceeds expectations.